AJC Management has access to counsel that can advise clients on legal matters and direct them to trustworthy attorneys in their area of need. We can advise on issues where a legal remedy may or may not be beneficial to a client. However as part of our financial management team, our attorneys are most useful in asset acquisitions. Using these attorneys who are experts in negotiation and acquisitions we can build businesses, real estate empires, pleasure purchases such as yachts or airplanes … or simply negotiate a much better price for a vehicle or home.

Our primary focus is about building wealth and wealth management with our legal counsel. We will help protect your assets and ensure they transition to your choices in the event of any tragedy. Your choices are our legal plans and from that come peace of mind and protection that will carry you forward safely in your chosen career.

For additional fees based on the attorney and location we can manage lawsuits and oversee complex litigation. These services will always be discussed with clients directly before any services are engaged.

  • Asset Acquisition
  • Simple Legal Question & Answer
  • Business Planning & Corporation Formation
  • Trusts & Wills / Living Trusts
  • Business Purchases & Takeovers