Day to Day Services

Here comes the good stuff……. Are you ready to have all the weight off your shoulder? If so keep reading

At AJC Management we put our time into clients. We have created a system that takes away the burden of day to day frustrations. Day to Day Services is what we like to consider Phase 2 of our program. After we complete Phase 1 of task management,  you as the client decide if you want to progress to this level of service on a daily basis. Each client has individual and specific needs that we take into account when building this service. To the right are a few examples of day to day tasks we help you cover to keep your life running smoothly.

  • Bill pay
  • Appointments
  • Daily/weekly travel arrangements
  • Concierge type needs
  • Keeping track of birthdays and Holidays so you never miss a beat
  • Connecting you with financial and legal advisers
  • Customized day to day needs